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Authorized Radios

This is a living list of current radio models that are authorized to be on AWIN.

If a new radio model is released, it must be tested before it is allowed on AWIN.

To have a radio model tested; have the manufacturer contact AWIN at:

Phone: 501-683-1798
Email: awin.operations@arkansas.gov

If you have a radio that is not on the below list and is already in operation on AWIN, then it is considered to be "grandfathered in".  However, if that radio needs to be replaced or fails, you will be required to acquire a radio off of the below list.

Approved Radio Model List Current as of 1-21-2016

BK/Relm Wireless Radios

KNG Series

EF Johnson

5100 (51 SL Series) Portable
5300 (53 SL Series) Mobile
VM 600 (Viking Series) Mobile
VP 600 (Viking Series) Portable
VP 900 (Viking Series) Portable


P 7270 Portable
P 7250 Portable
M 7300 Mobile
XG-15 Portable
XL - 200p Portable


NX 5400 Portable
NX 5900 Mobile
TK 5910BK Mobile
TK 5410K2 Portable
TK 5410K3 Portable


APX Portable (7000 Series and under)
APX Mobile (7000 Series and under)
XTL 1500 Mobile
XTL 2500 Mobile
XTL 5000 Mobile
XTS 1500 Portable
XTS 2500 Portable
XTS 5000 Portable


TM9100 Mobile
TP9100 Portable
TP9155 Portable


The above list does not include radio models for aircraft.

In addition to this list, the radios must have the following minimum features:

Radio Requirements 

Must have a display.
Must have 48 or more channel capability.
Must be 700/800Mhz capable.
Analog/P25 Digital/SmartZone capable.

H-38, SmartZone Systems Operation
Q308, Astro Digital Operation
Q173, SmartZone Omnilink Multizone Operation
Q361, Astro 9600 Baud Trunking Operation
H14, Enhanced Digital ID Display


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